A Win-Win Internship at Weihe Engineers

The world will never be quite the same for this year’s interns at Weihe Engineers. Both Daric and Nathan now look at stormwater (as well as other environmental and municipal factors) relative to residential and commercial development in a whole new light. They also worked on exciting, new development projects helping to take undeveloped properties and turning them into true community assets.

While studying Civil Engineering at Vanderbilt University and Purdue University, both have taken classes and worked on projects that, at the time, made little sense. However, within a few weeks on the job at Weihe Engineers, Daric and Nathan now see the big picture in how their study is preparing them for a career in civil / site engineering and land development. Both are now eager to return to campus knowing how their curriculum is tied to their profession and how it will prepare them for next year’s internship opportunity (and career).

While fully expecting to be assigned grunt work, Daric and Nathan were pleasantly surprised to be trained on industry software and given increasingly difficult tasks to complete. In fact, they enjoyed the investment in training they were given by their managers and teammates throughout the summer experience. They were also glad to be seen as part of the team and not just an intern while being involved in both team meetings and client meetings.

Weihe Engineers appreciates Daric and Nathan for their eagerness to learn and for their dedication and hard work this summer. We wish them well in their academic and professional development.

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