How Are Your Consultant Teams Performing?

Consultants are needed on all development projects to provide expertise in specific areas. You’re likely to use Architects to develop concepts that ensure the final product meets your needs and is aesthetically pleasing; Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical Design Consultants to plan your internal building systems; Environmental Consultants to help with due diligence; and Site Design Consultants to design services and infrastructure outside the building. Keeping the consultant team engaged and coordinated makes the design and construction process efficient and allows the project team to react quickly when modifications are necessary. Here are some ways to improve coordination among your consultants:

  • Begin the project with a quality land survey and comprehensive environmental and geotechnical due diligence documents
  • Gather consultants for a project kickoff meeting
  • Make sure the big picture is clear – identify the team leader and project goals from the outset
  • Establish weekly or bi-monthly conference calls with all consultants (e.g. Go To Meeting)
  • Compile and distribute a status report prior to the conference call
  • Establish action items and a timeline for completion during the conference call
  • Keep consultants engaged through the life of the project – this helps the team react quickly to modifications
  • Be clear about reporting requirements
  • Provide onboarding/training for any systems that consultants need to learn in order to report information to the owner
  • Keep simple notes on schedule, hurdles, process and distribute to consultants
  • Track project milestones
  • Introduce new team members to the group as they come on board

We’ve found these steps keep the project team engaged and help them act as a single organization moving the project forward. At Weihe Engineers, we’ve found frequent communication and coordination with all team members to be a key element in meeting our clients’ goals.

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