Founders Road Redevelopment

Weihe Engineers’ Landscape Architecture Studio assisted the developer in landscape enhancements, transforming existing hotel suites into a new market-rate apartment complex. The studio upgraded the pool and amenities area of the former hotel, which now includes new architectural pavement surfacing, pergola shade structures, grilling stations, gas fire pits, and site furnishings. The project also involved renovating the overall site landscaping to refresh the site’s appearance.

New screens and ornamental metal fencing were added around the site perimeter to provide security and screen adjacent properties’ back-of-house service areas. Additionally, new sidewalk connections were added to the adjacent roadways to improve accessibility for residents to public transportation.

Site Features Scope
Pool & Ammenities Area Landscape Planting & Hardscape Feature Design
Pergola Shade Structures Landscape Zoning Approvals
Grill Station Land Surveying Services
Gas Fire Pits Site Planning