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With so much complexity in land development today — everything from local land use approvals to environmental considerations — there’s a lot standing between you and the opportunity you seek. There’s no time (or budget) for multiple revisions, poor communications and unnecessary delays and costs. You need approvals quickly. You want professionals on your building team who can make things happen, who can help lower your total cost of development and uphold your reputation. You’ll be thrilled to work with Weihe Engineers.



Indianapolis Land SurveyingLand

We help set the groundwork for your projects.

Indiana Land Surveying

In our nearly 60 years of business, Weihe Engineers has performed over 30,000 surveys. Our reputation for timeliness, thoroughness, and accuracy go unmatched.

Indianapolis Civil / Site EngineeringCivil / Site

We help create the built environment.

Indiana Civil / Site Engineering

Having a site development focus brings best practice solutions for your projects: residential subdivisions, multi-family housing, commercial developments, industrial parks, big box retail stores and more.


We help soften the edges on your project.

Indiana Landscape Architecture

Following the science-to-beauty approach, Weihe Engineers’ landscape architects give your project the aesthetic quality, form, and function that best aligns your vision with your project requirements and ultimately your user experience.

Recent News

Designing A More Sustainable Future With Landscape Architecture

With the increase in flooding, global temperatures, and scarcity of resources posing persistent threats, our planet is faced with the urgent need for sustainable solutions. Landscape architects, at home in both the natural and built environment, play a crucial role in bridging the gap between societal development and environmental preservation for sustainable growth.

Fighting Crime Through Environmental Design

While safety through design has long been practiced through requirements of building codes and local ordinances, the impact of its use to prevent crime in public spaces is a relatively new concept. In urban environments, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) combines urban design strategies and architectural elements to optimize safety in outdoor spaces. This approach is guided by four key principles

Designing a Brighter Future With Landscape Architecture

Beyond creating beautiful outdoor spaces, landscape architects shape the way in which we live, work, and connect – acting as a catalyst for positive change. In the face of pressing economic, environmental, and social issues that burden the 21st century, let’s peel back the layers and explore the pivotal roles landscape architects play at the forefront of today’s most critical challenges.

4 Surprising Psychological Benefits of Landscape Architecture Design

As landscape architects, we are always striving to advocate for and create an understanding of what we do. While we contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the projects we work on, our core focus is crafting spaces that transcend, inspire emotional responses, and curate unique, memorable experiences.

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