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Now that you know a little about us, maybe we should get better acquainted. After all, a good relationship always starts with getting to know each other better, right? We’d like to make sure that you receive as much value and enjoyment out of working with us as we will receive from you. It’s also a great time to share philosophies and processes to make sure we’re compatible for each other. Call us today at 800-452-6408 to schedule an introductory meeting. If you’re on a fast-track type of project and thinking of sending a Request For Proposal, call us today at 800-452-6408 so we can schedule an introductory meeting and if appropriate, discuss your project.

Business Development Contacts

Weihe Engineers Headquarters
10505 N. College Avenue
Indianapolis, Indiana (IN) 46280

Weihe Engineers St. Louis Office
14528 South Outer 40 Road, Suite 444
Chesterfield, Missouri (MO) 63017

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