Airport Plazas Gas Station


  • 3.42 acres

  • Indianapolis International Airport

  • Decatur Township

  • Marion County, Indiana


  • Land Surveying

  • Civil/Site Engineering and Design

  • Landscape Design

  • Construction Administration


  • 6,300 Sq. Ft. C-store w/Restaurant

  • 3,600 Sq. Ft. quick lube

  • 122 Total Parking Spaces


  • Argo Consulting Engineers, Inc.

  • Airport Plazas

  • Indianapolis Airport Authority

Crossing the Finish Line

This was the first commercial development at the Indianapolis International Airport to include a convenience store with auto fueling and quick service restaurant (Subway), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling and a Quick Lube with Car Wash. Being the first commercial development at the Airport required unprecedented coordination between all parties in order to satisfy each’s requirements. The CNG fueling was also a unique offering for this newly developing area around the Airport.

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