Meadowlark Park

Meadowlark Park has long been a hidden gem behind a residential area, near the heart of Carmel’s Art and Design District. This park’s previous playground and shelter were located in an area that floods frequently, and this limited their availability and useful life. Bridges that connect the trail network to the Monon Trail and destinations westward were also threatened by erosion and age.

The park’s core of restrooms, playground, pickleball, and parking were relocated onto higher ground. This custom designed playground structure evokes its wooded setting. Its sculptural centerpiece reaches 35’ into the sky, allowing space for dozens of children to climb, slide, swing, or just curl up in hammock-like swings to socialize. 4 pickleball courts were constructed to meet the needs of this growing user group. Lastly, the low lying areas of the park were restored to their natural condition, with native plantings and boardwalks to allow access for walkers.

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