An Adventure in Small Site Development Deserves Merit Badge

A recent project with Boy Scout Troop 1776 is a great reminder that every project no matter how big or how small is still governed by state, county, and city zoning rules and regulations.

Formed in 2015, Boy Scout Troup 1776 had nearly 40 members and was offered a meeting space from Zion United Church of Christ. While not as much space as the troop required, they were thankful for the church’s generosity and made do for about one year before deciding to raise funds to build a 768 square foot storage barn on the church property. This would allow the church to reclaim their building and the troop to properly store their equipment and prepare for different events.

Since the barn was constructed on Zion United Church of Christ’s property it had to go through the zoning regulations of a commercial project in Marion County, IN. This process included a full survey of the property, flood and elevation certificates, a full set of construction drawings, and a concrete entrance to connect it to the road and sidewalks. Additionally, an architect was needed to provide building elevations to receive approval from City Planning and to receive structural permits.

Once plans were approved and permits were granted, delays occurred due to weather as well as city improvements to the sanitary sewer line which crossed the path of the construction site.

Weihe Engineers is proud to have partnered with Zion United Church of Christ, Jason Elliot Burk, R.A., and Boy Scout Troop 1776 and to have played a role in this organization’s continuing effort to promote their boy-lead troop in teaching leadership skills, character development and having fun.

If you would like more information on how Weihe Engineers can help you on the development of your next project no matter how large or small, please contact Vice President of Residential Development, Duane Sharrer, P.E. or our Vice President of Commercial Development, Jamie Shinneman, P.E. at 800-452-6408.

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