Eminent Domain Defense Support

Eminent Domain is the right of a government or its agent to expropriate private property for public use, with payment of compensation. If they’re going to take it, why not get the most you can for it? If you own property that is in jeopardy of being taken for purposes of road or utility projects, Weihe Engineers can help.

Your property should be valued at what it can become, not its current use today. That’s where our land consulting and land surveying expertise can prove valuable when working alongside you and your legal counsel to make a difference in the outcome (whether financial, helping you fight to keep more of your property or minimize the impact to your property).

Ideally, developing a proper defense support plan should occur before an offer is received from the agency exercising eminent domain. We can help after an offer has been made as well. Call us today and we’ll put our team to work immediately to help increase your chances of receiving a better offer.

Featured Work

There’s a right way when it comes to right-of-way. That includes assuring you get compensated for the true value of your property. Factoring in the city’s comprehensive plan and recent nearby developments, we helped position this client favorably in their negotiations.

Notable Clients and Projects

  • Clay Township Regional Waste District

  • Private Land Owners

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