Industrial sites have unique requirements that must be addressed to optimize their operation’s efficiency, assure their productivity and mitigate their risks. In addition, there are ever-changing government regulations and intensive permitting requirements that can impact site and plant design. Weihe Engineers professionals understand the development and design challenges (as well as opportunities) of manufacturing sites.

Working in this environment day after day, year after year allows us to continually improve our knowledge and bring truly best practice solutions to our clients.

Our experience can be leveraged for the development of industrial campuses, manufacturing complexes, manufacturing facilities, ethanol plants, warehouses, research and development facilities and more.

Featured Work

Shovel-ready industrial sites can still require additional approvals. For example, working with the local municipality to approve a lower cost stockyard surface to save money for the client. Or, going the extra mile to obtain F.A.A. approval for site and building elements due to a nearby airport.

Notable Clients and Projects

  • Midwest Mole

  • Hoosier Storage Center

  • Mount Comfort Commercial Park

  • Exit 5 Business Center

  • Southoak Industrial Park

  • Indiana Corn Products, LLC

  • Advanced Auto Parts Distribution Center

  • Custom Floors

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