Churches, schools, libraries and athletic facilities have unique requirements that must be addressed to satisfy adjacent property owners and local officials. Peak traffic volume, recreation space and parking demands are but a few of the issues that require well-rounded thinking and innovative solutions. Weihe Engineers professionals understand the development and design challenges (as well as opportunities) of institutional sites.

Working in this environment day after day, year after year allows us to continually improve our knowledge and bring truly best practice solutions to our clients.

Our experience can be leveraged for the development of churches, schools, libraries, athletic facilities, athletic fields and more.

Featured Work

Finding peace in institutional site development is a mission of sorts. Faced with a flat site with wetlands and soil issues, Weihe Engineers successfully obtained approvals from the local jurisdiction by designing a two-tiered water quality system including a Bioswale and a dry pond as well as a rain garden. Additional landscape architecture features helped gain project acceptance with the homeowners of an adjacent neighborhood.

Notable Clients and Projects

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