College Avenue Streetscape

The City of Carmel engaged Weihe Engineers Landscape Architecture Studio  to design plantings and four new roundabout hardscape features within 1-mile of reconstructed College Avenue roadway from 96th Street to 106th Street. The design includes bioswales within the parkways to accept stormwater runoff that are planted with a mix of native flowering forbs and grasses. Within the corridor four new roundabouts are constructed each with a unique design. The new roundabout at 96th Street provides new gateway signage at the entry into Carmel. The new roundabout at 106th Street was designed to accommodate a public art sculpture designed by a local Indianapolis artist. The project was divided into three separate contracts in which Weihe Engineers had to coordinate the improvements with three different roadway engineering firms.

Site Features Scope
Bioswales Concept Design
Native Flowering Construction Documents
Unique Art Installments Construction Administration