Roche TVBI


  • 8 acres
  • 9115 Hague Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46256

  • Lawrence Township
  • Marion County, Indiana


  • Boundary survey

  • Topographic survey

  • Construction staking

  • As-built survey / record drawings

  • Civil / site engineering and design


  • 87,000 Sq. Ft. two-story building

  • 195 standard parking spaces

  • 8 handicap parking spaces

  • 203 total parking spaces


  • Roche Diagnostics

Crossing the Finish Line

Upgrading the 160 acre corporate campus began with a new 87,000 sf (two story) building adjacent to one of their existing buildings. The new training and VIP center building was to be constructed while keeping the existing adjacent building operational until all services and personnel could be transferred. Additionally, one of the main existing entrances off of Hague Road and existing utilities lines needed to be relocated in order to make room for the new building. Significant phasing plans were needed in order to keep the existing facility and campus operational during construction.

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