Best and Largest Intern Cohort.

With seven Interns in 2022, this was the largest (and best) cohort of Interns in company history. What they found, learned, and accomplished at Weihe Engineers far exceeded their expectations. And, inspires them as they head back to Purdue and Vincennes.

Here’s a snapshot of their experiences: “lots of field time on construction sites,” “I felt useful contributing to meaningful, billable, real-client projects (not just busy work),” “there was a lot more to land surveying and civil / site engineering that what I imagined and I see now how it fits in the greater scheme of pre-construction and construction,” “gained a lot of insight from many different people which helped me develop my critical thinking and technical skills,” “after walking me through some steps and answering my questions, I was able to work toward getting a good grasp on things and working independently,” “my mentor included me in his work assignments where I completed a hydrology report and used AutoCAD Civil 3D for a layout design,” “it was challenging work, but rewarding that I accomplished it myself,” “I was surprised I was given as much work as I was which beats sitting around doing nothing or staying busy on less meaningful tasks,” “my mentor gave me a workload and gave me the responsibility to use my time management and collaboration skills to get it done,” “good training working alongside very experienced people,” “I didn’t have to sit and watch much… they coached me along and let me do the work,” “surrounded by good, kind people who cared about my learning and development,” “the culture here is better than at other places,” “great culture, felt more like family,” “I didn’t expect there to be a game room in the office,” “I surprised myself by how fast I learned,” “working with other interns enabled us to help each other and made some good friends too,” “fun having lunches with the other interns and younger professionals,” “company cookout and Friday afternoon office putt putt were a lot of fun for sure.”

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