Clutch Performance on Residential Project: Saddlebrook North, Whiteland, IN.

The Residential Development department at Weihe Engineers thrives on making things happen for our clients. That was the case when D.R. Horton informed us of their goal to make this project ready for home construction by mid-April. While submitting the construction plans for the project could have been pushed back a month, it would have put the goal in jeopardy. Instead, our team pushed hard and hit the earlier deadline. It took a collaborative and high-performance effort to make this happen.

This sizeable project involves two sections totaling 221 lots. Things got more challenging when the client purchased an additional parcel which increased the project and required new grading and sanitary design. In addition, the original use was changed from a mix of single- and multi-family to 100% single-family. Both changes required a new PUD. The preliminary plat was approved on December 1, leaving the team with one month to complete the engineering and construction plan work, obtain the town’s approval of the sanitary sewer design, and hit the submittal deadline.

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