Monon Marketplace


  • 4.39 acres

  • 915 Westfield Park Rd., Westfield, IN

  • Washington Township

  • Hamilton County, Indiana


  • Initial Site Investigation

  • Land Surveying

  • Civil/Site Engineering and Design

  • Construction Administration

  • Landscape Design


  • 12,140 Sq. Ft. for Building A

  • 8,500 Sq. Ft. for Building B

  • 212 Total Parking Spaces

  • 25.3% Open Space


  • Greenwalt Corporation

Crossing the Finish Line

This project had a combination of existing challenges such as a high pressure Marathon pipeline running diagonally across the parcel and the drainage of the existing PUD. We helped navigate these challenges by creating an angled façade on the north building, converting the existing drainage from perimeter ditch swales to two underground detention chambers in response to the pipeline, and did a joint development with a Ricker’s convenience store that allowed us to reduce landscaping requirements with the City on setbacks due to the pipeline.

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